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This Christmas, light up a carer's life.    

When Jim Ashby contacted Rethink Mental Illness he was desperate for information and advice that would help him support his son, Dan.

As a charity that tirelessly supports people affected by mental illness, we can be there for people like Jim and Dan, at Christmas and all year. Please help us by making a donation today.  

Thanks to the help he’s received from the carers service we run in Oxfordshire, Jim says his life has improved significantly and he’s far better equipped to provide the support his son needs:

“My son, Dan, was diagnosed borderline personality disorder, which means he struggles with his emotions and relationships with other people. When this happened, all I wanted to do was give him the help he needed. But all there appeared to be was a massive black hole of support for me as a carer. Thankfully, I got in touch with Rethink’s Oxfordshire Carers Support Service. The help I’ve received from them has changed my life and my son’s. I now understand better what’s going on in his mind and someone has taken the time to listen to my worries, which has helped a lot.”

Sadly, Jim’s story is not uncommon. Across the country, tens of thousands of carers feel unsupported, totally forgotten about and greatly underappreciated. 
This is why we’re asking you to help us light up the lives of carers in Oxfordshire this Christmas after such a difficult year.

By giving us a gift today you can help us support hidden stars like Jim. £10 could help us send carers a gift voucher and personalised Christmas card. 

And once our £1,000 target for that has been reached, your donations will also help to fund other areas of our vital work, including our Advice and Information Service and support groups across the country. Meaning your support today will help us be there for unsung heroes like Jim, and other people severely affected by mental illness, throughout the year. 

Will you give a gift today to help us celebrate carers like Jim and support our tireless work to improve the lives of people severely affected by mental illness?


Thank you,

Service Manager,  Oxfordshire Carers Support Service

PS You can personally show your appreciation for unpaid carers by sending a Christmas message to them via, or by posting a festive greeting on our Twitter or Facebook pages. It’s a small but wonderful gesture!

At the request of Jim and Dan, the photo on this page has been posed by models and is for illustration purposes only. 

Choose an amountcould help us send a small gift and personalised Christmas card to someone who cares for a person living with mental illness. could help pay for a support group coordinator to stay in touch with isolated carers by phone for six weeks.could help one of our experienced advisers review our information for carers so it’s accurate and up-to-date.

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