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Spring Appeal 2021   

Thank you so much! Your generous support means we can provide more peer support groups that change the lives of people severely affected by mental illness. By giving a gift today, you can help people severely affected by mental illness connect across the country and be there for each other.

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One of the vital ways Rethink Mental Illness has been there for people during this extremely difficult time is through our 140 peer support groups across the country. Safe and confidential spaces in which people can freely talk about how they feel and receive emotional and practical support from others who also have experience of severe mental illness.

Now, as restrictions start to ease, demand for our one-of-a-kind support is growing all the time. People are desperate for human connection. Every day people are getting in touch with us, asking about local groups they can attend, once it’s safe to do so. Or if there isn’t a group in their local area or one that meets their needs, they want to know how they can set up a support group.

People like Alan, one of our support group members, who describes that through attending our group “I was given hope, belief in a brighter future and my smile back”.

With your help, we could make sure this demand is met. We could provide new groups with all the support and resources they need to get up and running; and we could meet the needs of existing groups so they can accommodate and support what is likely to be a huge influx of new members.

By giving a gift today, you can help people severely affected by mental illness connect across the country and be there for each other.

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£10 - could help a volunteer to respond to an online chat query and help someone who is not comfortable talking on the phone.

£25 - could help pay for a support group coordinator to stay in touch with those who use our services by phone for six weeks.£50 – could help fund leaflets, posters and other promotional items that raise awareness of local support groups.

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To protect his identity, we have used a stock photo of Alan for this appeal.

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